About Me

Who I am and what motivates me to write

Hi everybody!

I’m Fabrizio Cominetti. I’m starting to write on Medium and this article has the purpose of introducing myself and my future goals.

I’m from Milan and I’m currently studying “Data Science” at the University of Milan-Bicocca, a discipline in which I’m passionate and that I love reading and learning about. I’ve recently earned a bachelor’s degree in “Communication and Society” at the University of Milan.

I like to play with Python and many DS tools and share them with others in my free time. So, I’ve decided to write at least one article per week on Medium, to keep myself trained and also to improve my English level.

I’m also interested in Digital Minimalism, Digital Diet, Productivity, and much more topics that are related to tech and digital life.

I really appreciate open-source tools and I like to experiment with new apps and tools. I also like to share some tips about the digital world, learning tips for students, free resources, and much more.

You can find my projects and more on my GitHub profile:

Thank you for reading!

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